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A Brief History of Television in the '40s and '50s

T.V. in the '40s: Development
T.V. in the '50s: Standardizing the Industry
T.V. Programming in the '40s and '50s


        An article in an MIT publication that explores the question of who actually invented the television.
        This is a site for a small television museum in Hilliard, Ohio.  There are photos of early television sets, some information regarding the photos, and links to other resources available on early television.
         An interesting and brief account of television from the 1930s through to the 1950s from the very government department charged with controlling it.  It includes a few photographs as well as some links to descriptions of key events and figures in this period of television history.
         A short fact sheet on television history compiled by The National Institute on Media and the Family.
         This is the history department at the Univerity of San Diego's page on television history.  It includes a timeline and links to several pages on other aspects of television history. 

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